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Food Allergy Tips for the Commercial Kitchen


With September being Food Safety Month, we thought we’d pass on a few tips to keep your guests with food allergies happy and healthy. For more information on food allergies and handy tips on keeping your kitchen allergey-friendly, visit our friends at Food Allergy Research and Education, the Mayo Clinic, and the National Restaurant Assocation. A staggering number of Americans – over 15 million of us – have food allergies.  With over 250 known food allergies having a significant impact on both the customer’s health and the overall economy, keeping your kitchen allergy-friendly isn’t just safe practice, it’s good business.

Food allergy infographic

The best defense in the allergy food fight is awareness.  From clearly listing ingredients on your menu to using allergen-specific equipment, making sure you and your staff know just what’s in your food keeps your kitchen safe and your customers healthy.  

With over 250 known food allergies, keeping your kitchen allergy-friendly can be a lot to swallow.  Want to learn more?  Visit our friends at Food Allergy Research and Education and the National Restaurant Assocation for more information.     


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