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Contract Design Project Feature: Fife’s Iconic Poodle Dog Restaurant Undergoes Complete Remodel


 Serving “good food” since 1933, Fife’s iconicPoodle Dog Restaurant has provided fun dining for almost a decade. Quirky menu options combined with legendary service makes it a popular choice to meet and eat for friends and newcomers alike. 

In 2013, Tim Tweeten, Owner of the Poodle Dog, decided it was time to remodel the restaurant’s interior. A small renovation had taken place seven years prior and the materials were beginning to show their wear.

Turning to the Experts 

 In order to ‘make the old dog shine again,’ Tweeten turned to the experts for help. 

Designer, Kira Schmeling and Contract Sales/Project Manager, Karl Sawyer worked with Tweeten to retain the restaurant’s nostalgic retro feel yet combine modern industrial elements to bring life back to the landmark. 

The process took 6 weeks, including a complete remodel of the interior, and was open to the public by the end of May, 2015.


Choosing the Right Materials  

 Knowing the restaurant’s long history, Schmeling chose the most durable materials to create further longevity, including:

  • Wood grain vinyl on the floor,  toe kicks, tabletops and front bar
  • Steel-edged, metal chairs for durability and aesthetics
  • Teal and orange vinyl for the booths and chairs
  • Industrial-style, stainless steel hanging lamps
  • New ceiling tiles and painted walls
  • Historical photos and artwork 
  • Cook line and refurnished butcher-block 


A One Stop Shop

Not only did the remodel update the look of the building but it “enhanced the lives of staff and customers,” said Sawyer. 

From project management to interior design, Schmeling and Sawyer did it all in order to make the Poodle Dog Restaurant sparkle once again, and for many more years to come. 


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