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Contract Design Project Feature: Pacific Pizza & Brew

Pacific Pizza and Brew is a family style pizza parlor and pub located on Bend, Oregon’s SW side. Nestled in the pines of a newly developed shopping district, Pacific Pizza is not your typical family-style pizza experience. Their pies present as a cross between a classic New York style crust and Sicilian crust, but round. The edges of the crust are slightly raised and intermittently spotted, but not charred. The moderately chewy, pliant center can still fold and hold the weight of the toppings. Pies are topped with both gourmet and classic offerings highlighted by a bright tomato base.

Bar Seating at Pacific Pizza & Brew

Bar Seating

The 1600 square foot open dining room is equipped with a full bar featuring 20 rotating taps and a signature cocktail list. Beer enthusiasts will enjoy local and regional suds from brewers like Deschutes, Breakside, and Ninkasi. Depending on what time of day you arrive, you will either be seated by a hostess and attended by wait staff, or you may walk right up to the open kitchen and order your pie, taking a number to your seat. Seating options are unlimited with your choice of communal tables, high top bar tables, patio seating, or more intimate family dining.

Owner Jeff Johnson started working with Bargreen Project Manager Don Veatch and Designer Rachel Smith on his concepts for design and equipment in early 2013. Shortly after the architects submitted their initial sketches for the building’s shell, Don and Rachel went to work blocking out equipment within a sketch. The CAD file came from the architects later in the project, helping to clarify the layout. Although working from early sketches is atypical in the design process, Bargreen always works within the customer’s parameters as soon as they are possibly able to keep the project’s momentum going and ideas flowing for all design scenarios.

Bargreen’s project managers work very closely with their designers on each project, talking every day about the status and options for improvement. Brainstorming between the designer, project manager, and operator is a huge part of any project, and a necessity to arrive at the best solution for the customer. Compromises between an operator’s initial idea of a design and what ends up working best spatially is a constant conversation in any project.

Pizza Oven at Pacific Pizza & Brew

Pizza Oven

For Pacific Pizza & Brew, as with any pizza restaurant, the pizza oven is the star of the show, and often dictates the entire setup of the kitchen. Since Jeff also put heavy emphasis on a spacious dining and bar area, this meant the kitchen had to be optimized for efficiency and space. Don and Rachel used their creativity and experience with smaller working kitchens to make the prep and finish lines flow and function to the desired capacity of the large dining area.

Speaking of the dining area, it must be mentioned that Jeff Johnson designed, built, and installed all of the tabletops and bar tops himself. The wood is beautifully finished hard oak, made from 2×4’s set on end then laminated together. To customize even further, Jeff used a hot iron brand to burn each table with Pacific Pizza’s logo. From the warm wooden beams, to the vibrant, design-forward drop lighting and inspired menu offerings, this pizza pub will be making locals and tourists smile for a long time to come.

Don Veatch, Project Manager at Bargreen Ellingson

Don Veatch, Project Manager

Don Veatch has managed projects in the foodservice industry for 40 years, 23 of them with Bargreen Ellingson. He was recruited into the industry when he was working in sales for a local utility company. While consulting with a restaurant customer on ventilation issues, he met a foodservice equipment dealer who asked him to go to work for them. That’s how it all started. Bargreen Ellingson is lucky to have Don as one of our most knowledgeable equipment experts.

Don’s best advice for success in sales and project management? “Have a passion for what you do and truly care about you customers.” For starting conversations in the design process, his first questions are always about the concept and menu. “Just start with the basics!”, he says. Don is always thinking about his projects. While he ponders new ways to make his customers happy, he also enjoys snow skiing, golf, and cycling. Imagine that from someone living in Bend, Oregon!

You can find Pacific Pizza and brew at 340 SW Century Dr, Bend, OR 97702.

Phone: (541) 550-7887 Web: 

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