Bargreen Maui Says Aloha to New Store and Welcomes a New Chapter

It’s an exciting change for the island of Maui.

What used to be a small building less than 2000 square feet with a walk-in closet sized storage room, narrow aisles and sparse inventory, is now a 12,000 plus square foot building complete with a showroom, warehouse, front counter, dedicated flatware room, office space and most importantly, thousands of new items in stock and ready for in-store pickup and delivery.


Blessing the new store on Monday, February 22, 2016 . Pictured from left to right: Lindsay Eidenberg, Leah Young, Kevin Wilkinson, Kahu (Pastor Greg), Jode Aloy, Kenny Sinclair, Keith ‘Bud’ Koehler, Vic Miller, Sean Fuyumuro. Back from left to right: Randy Yamashita, Duane Jones

Located just a few miles down the road from the old location, the new store has fives times more inventory and offers more growth opportunity than ever before for Bargreen Maui.

Setting up the Store in True Aloha Spirit















The move started off as somewhat of a daunting task.

Product pallets and loose inventory lined the walls and poured out of the warehouse, awaiting placement on the shiny, new metal racks standing in the center of the showroom.

Predicted to take 10 days, the entire process – move and reset – was finished in only four, thanks to a great team of mainland and Maui employees who worked together in true Aloha spirit unpacking boxes, moving pallets, and setting items on shelves with success.


Above: before the move.; Below:  during the move – almost done! 

A New Chapter 

With great dedication, preparation, hard work and a lot of sweat, the team has opened a new chapter for the Maui branch and one that is sure to bring growth, prosperity and pride to staff and customers on the island. 




Items and Equipment and Supplies…Oh My!

Limited by its small size, the previous Bargreen Maui location was unable to offer a wide variety of stocked inventory. Customers are often used to waiting up to two weeks or longer for items to ship from neighboring islands or the mainland. 

Now, the branch is “bigger, more streamlined and self-sustained,” says Kevin Wilkinson, General Manager for all of Bargreen Hawaii.


With over 5 times more inventory on the shelves and on the floor, our new branch will be focusing on more back of the house supplies, bar supplies, disposables and equipment.” 

“One of the great new services we will now be able to provide to the Island of Maui will be our own delivery trucks and drivers, including daily deliveries of all our products,” Wilkinson says.



With more room for inventory, a beautiful interior and emphasis on truck deliveries, Bargreen Maui will have even more opportunity for improving its already excellent customer service.

“This will make the overall customer experience more of what we expect it to be by living up to our company’s mission statement, ‘serving those, who serve others,'” says Wilkinson.

An exciting change indeed.

Say Aloha to your Bargreen Maui ohana located at 864 Alua Street Wailuku, Maui, HI 96793 

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