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Branching Out: Denver’s Jason Wirth on Teamwork, Success & Having Fun


Small but mighty is how one might describe Bargreen’s Denver, CO branch. With a staff of only 16, the small branch has accomplished some big goals. In 2015, the branch had over 8 million dollars in sales – an impressive feat for a staff of that size covering the entire state of Colorado and some surrounding states. 

 This kind of success doesn’t just come from luck, though. It happens when a staff comes together as a team, working together to accomplish goals and encourage one another’s success. “It’s hard to convey through words what gives our branch its family feel – it just comes natural,” says Melissa Breslow.  “We all really enjoy each other’s company.” 
The Denver branch is truly a family, and Jason Wirth has largely helped foster this as General Manager. We spoke with Jason to learn about his journey into the foodservice industry, and he shared with us some of his secrets along the way. 
Describe your journey leading up to this point. Where did you get your start? 

My background is within the hotel/hospitality industry. I worked seventeen years for Hyatt Hotels and the last seven at the Grand Hyatt Seattle. I worked as the Purchasing Director where I met Territory Sales Representatives, Jeff Thomas and Josh Smith of Bargreen Ellingson. They did a phenomenal job, and I respected their knowledge and work ethic.


How long have you worked for Bargreen?

Over 8 years. I enjoy playing golf and participated in the Bargreen Ellingson customer golf tourney in 2007. In the foursome was Mr. Tim Irey – I had no idea he was the Vice President of Sales. We had several laughs and I busted his chops about hitting 230 yard drives. I told Tim that I wanted to come work for the company. Although we didn’t win the tournament that year, we started a friendship that landed me here at Bargreen Ellingson.


So before you were a General Manager, you were in Sales? 

I feel very fortunate starting my career here with David Barta (previous General Manager of Tacoma) in Tacoma, WA as a member of the 2007 territory pledge class. Jeff Gentling (General Manager of Seattle) moved me to Territory Sales in the summer of 2008, and Shannon Waters (Territory Sales) trained me for three weeks. I began my journey in territory sales in Downtown Seattle afterwards. We had a great team and I enjoyed every minute of it. The training was ongoing, the Friday meetings were epic, and I worked the territory for 3 years building many close friendships with my co-workers and customers in Seattle.

What do you enjoy most about being a General Manager for Colorado/Wyoming?

I enjoy representing our brand to the best of my ability. We have the chance to positively impact our customers and our team on a daily basis. This is what drives me personally. 

Our people in Colorado/Wyoming motivate me every day. I find victories in the success of others. We have tremendous operations teams in both Colorado and Wyoming. The core of our business is strong and built to succeed for many years ahead.


As the General Manager, what has been your greatest challenge? 

In a new market, the daily battle is to build our customer base and create opportunities. It is very important to be competitive and strategic. Thankfully, each of us is committed to building in our perspective areas and have a competitive edge to succeed.

What is your recipe for success?

There is one thing that is always relevant – great customer service. The ability to put others before yourself and provide superior customer service has helped us grow our company to record breaking numbers. It’s incredible how many employees we have with such a variety of knowledge and expertise. Show up, have fun, and get after it every day.



Back row left to right: Scott Mulnix, Craig Petersen, Kurt Rocco, Keith Malwitz; Middle row left to right: Brandon Miller, Alex Leppe, Pete Zamora, Jason Wirth; Front row left to right: Jose Cocolan, Colour Linden, Melissa Breslow; Missing from photo: Taylor Allen Cannon, Chris Kennedy, Eric Rodenbaugh, Jhamele Robinson, Steve Enyert


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