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Simple Steps for Presenting & Serving Wine Properly


The ritual of presentation when serving a bottle of wine at the table is as old as dining out itself. Presentation sets the whole experience apart from simply sharing wine with friends at home. Practice with your staff to make sure they’re giving wine presentation the attention it deserves.

Start with these simple steps from, then add your own signature flourishes to your technique. 

  • Present the bottle of wine to the person who ordered it, reading the label and the vintage to them.
  • Open the wine using a waiter’s corkscrew and present the cork to your customer who ordered the wine.
  • Serve a tasting pour.  This is where your customer will signal their approval to pour for the rest of the table or make special requests, such as a decanter or ice bucket.
  • After the wine meets their approval, serve the other guests at the table before topping off for the customer who ordered the wine. 


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