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Branching Out: Matt Wicks on Boise’s ‘tight-knit community’


Matt Wicks, General Manager of Bargreen’s Boise, ID branch is quick to credit his team for the branch’s success. “Without the exceptional work that the staff of Boise does, there would be no success on anyone’s end,” he says. “I would not be in the place that I am without the hard work and dedication of everyone at this branch and within the company.” 

But with every great team, there must be a great leader – and Wicks is that leader.

Described as “the best leader, manager, and friend anyone could ask for,” and “one of the most generous people I have ever met,” by Heather Culig and Stephen Lee, it is evident that Wicks’ management style is respected and admired by his team.

For Wicks, being a great leader seems to come naturally. In just three years, he has created a tight-knit community of 13 staff members covering all of Southern Idaho and parts of Eastern Oregon, with a sales force and operations staff covering La Grande, OR to Jackson, WY. The branch’s customer service and overall morale has increased tremendously, and the growth in teamwork is quickly translating into growth in sales. “This is going to be the year that we do very well,” says Wicks.   

And this success wouldn’t be possible without Wick’s optimistic and generous spirit. “The people that work in the Boise branch are my family. The reason I enjoy coming to work so much is because of who I work with and the customers we serve, ” says Wicks. “The Boise Branch is a tight-knit community and we are often found partaking in beers after work, climbing mountains, fishing, and hiking together – along with our local vendors. Maintaining these relationships is a very high priority of ours, and I think it speaks volumes about those working at the Boise branch.”


What has your journey been like leading up to this point? After graduating from college in Portland, OR, I spent five years working for my Alma Mater and recruiting students through the Office of Admissions.  After I finished my masters, I decided it was time for a change.  I started talking with Terry Arellano (GM of Portland) in the Portland Branch and he took a big chance on hiring me! I was hired on with Bargreen Ellingson as a Territory Sales Rep for NW Portland in the summer of 2008 and hit the road running.  I worked with Terry and the Portland crew for 5 years before taking the GM Position in Boise in 2013.


What has been your biggest accomplishment as Boise’s GM? This is a tough question. There are so many things that we as a team do for our customers that I cannot take all the credit for.  If I didn’t have the staff of Boise and Portland behind me in my day to day scramblings, I would not be where I am today.

What has been your biggest challenge? We have a tough and competitive market here in Boise. Sitting on the edge of the pacific northwest and close to Salt Lake City brings in a lot of respectful competition. As a growing territory, more and more competitors are trying to get a piece of the pie.  That being said, we have a fantastic staff that will bend over backwards to take care of our customers and that will help us win in the future.

What do you enjoy Screen_Shot_2016-04-12_at_11.11.37_AM.pngmost about being Boise’s GM? The staff and customers – not to mention the beautiful environment that we live in. 

What has been the most fulfilling part of your job so far? I love being able to help people realize their dreams and potential.  Since being in Boise, I have personally been able to help a lot of restaurateurs start pursuing their dreams of starting up a local restaurant. Albeit, very stressful and at times frustrating, the end result of their success is what brings me to work everyday.

Follow_her_day_to_day_at-2.jpg From left to right – Heather Culig, Chris Sakugawa, Tom Atkins, Sue Shinn, Wade Faulk, Nate Kinghorn, Josh Collins, John Hall, Dick Baldrica, Stephen Lee, Jake Price, Matt Wicks, Not Pictured: Christian Jacobsen

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