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#TuesdayTip: How to Clean your Commercial Grill


Now that summer is upon us, we are itching to get outside and fire up our grill. Grilled corn on the cob anyone? Steak shish kabobs? Your grill is likely one of the most used pieces of equipment in your kitchen, especially in the summer, so now is the perfect time to talk about how to properly clean your commercial grill.Inline image 1
Cleaning your grill is an important part of maintaining its longevity and functionality. Depending on your operation, we recommend cleaning once daily but if the grill is used heavily, it may be necessary to clean every few hours for a sanitary cooking surface. Regular cleaning not only keeps the grill safe but also eliminates excess grease and debris which may compromise the taste and quality of food
Tips from the Expert
We sat down with equipment expert, Mason Cogle, to walk us through how to clean a commercial grill using the MagiKitch’n MagiCater grill as our model because of its versatility.
The MagiCater (shown below) is a heavy-duty, outside grill with a steel construction built for a variety of cooking methods – grilling, roasting, steaming, and holding – with water tubs to add moisture during cooking. It’s a versatile grill which makes cleaning even more important.
“At all times the grill is in use, make sure the water tubs are filled with water,” says Cogle. “The water tubs add moisture to your product, reduce flare-ups while cooking, and provide easier cleaning of the unit.” Cogle’s tip is especially important when using the MagiCater but also something to keep in mind when using other grills with water tubs. The instructions below can be applied to a variety of grills. 
Cleaning a Commercial Grill 
Items you’ll need:

Cleaning Instructions:

To clean the cooking grids: Turn off the burners, and while unit is cooling down, use a grill brush with some water to clean debris off grids. The steam created with the hot grids and the water do a great job cleaning and sanitizing the cooking grid.

To clean exterior: Do not use steel wool as it can degrade the metals. Use a soft blue Scotch-Brite pad (or a non-abrasive pad) with water or a little degreaser to clean exterior and shelf. Wipe dry with paper towels. Some choose to use stainless steel cleaner to make the unit shine.
To clean radiants: Remove radiants and scrape radiant debris off.  Then place in dishwasher. This should be done on a regular basis.  

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