#WineWednesday: Choosing the Right Champagne Glass


Wedding season is officially in full swing. Whether you are catering your own wedding or catering a customer’s, it’s important to know which type of champagne glass to serve with each type of sparkling wine for the best tasting experience. 

The rim, bowl, and material all play a role in enhancing or hindering the taste of sparkling wine. A fan of #RoséAllDay? Choose a tulip-shaped wine glass to collect the floral aromas. If you like your champagne more on the dry side, however, a flute glass is your best bet as it helps preserve the bubbles.

Once you decide on the type of champagne to serve, check out Wine Folly’s Quick Guide to Champagne Glasses below to make the most of your toast. Cheers!



This post is not sponsored by Wine Folly. Credit: A Guide to Champagne Glasses – Wine Folly

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