#TuesdayTip: Offering Beer Flights


If you serve a variety of microbrew or craft beer in your establishment, offering beer flights are a fun and cost-effective way for guests to sample before committing to a pint that they may or may not love. Plus, it provides you with an educational opportunity that is both casual and profitable.



A beer flight can turn an average visit to a bar or pub into a memorable, and educational experience. Beer flights are usually – although not always -presented from light to dark. This sample style allows the guest to experience a variety of characteristics; appearance, aroma, flavor, and alcohol content, to figure out what they like or dislike. Offer food pairings for each beer, and your guests will have an even fuller tasting experience. 


Typically, beer flights cost about as much as a pint. Depending on the size of your tasting board or paddle, guests will have the chance to try 4 to 6 beers at once instead of just one pint that they may dislike. Once the favorite is established, your guest is also more likely to purchase a pint or more.  


Make sure to choose tasting glasses instead of pint-sized glasses. The point of a beer flight is to tempt the pallet. The chosen glassware should allow the guest to sample safely, leaving room to order a full pint. 

Tasting Boards/Paddles

There are a variety of tasting boards to choose from but our favorite is from Cal-Mil. Made from reclaimed wood, the tasting board features a chalkboard panel that is perfect for beer names and easy identification. Watch Cal-Mil’s video, below, to learn more. Contact your sales representative for even information about additional tasting board options.


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