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Branching Out Part 2: Maui – Guri Guri


In this week’s Branching Out blog post, we travel to beautiful Maui to bring you a favorite recipe from the locals – Guri Guri! Read below to make this icy treat, and then meet our Maui branch team. This is part 2 of our 4-part Branching Out blog series, so be on the lookout for another special Hawaiian-inspired post next week!

Goodie Goodie

This simple and sweet icy treat is a staple dessert on Maui. A cross between sherbet and ice cream, Guri Guri has a flavor and texture as unique as its name. The island treat was created by Jokichi Tasaka in the early 1900s and later brought to the United States by his son, Gunji Tasaka, who later changed the name ‘Goodie Goodie’ to ‘Guri Guri’. 

The Tasaka’s opened Tasaka Guri Guri Shop on Maui in the 1920s and is now located in the Kahului Shopping Center. Over the years, the family has kept the recipe a secret but many locals, and those who have had the pleasure of enjoying Guri Guri, have tried to recreate the pineapple and strawberry delicacy themselves. 

The recipe below was shared by Bargreen Maui staff, Jode Aloy, and Randy Yamashita. As Aloy says, “It’s Tasaka Guri Guri with a twist… So Ono!”

Guri Guri

  • 24 oz Strawberry or Orange Soda (2 bottles or cans)
  • 12 oz lemon lime soda (1 bottle or can)
  • 14 oz sweetened condensed milk
  • 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream
1. Combine soda, condensed milk and heavy whipping cream in a large bowl, slowly. The mixture will become very foamy. 
2. When the foaming stops, pour into the small cups or containers & freeze. 
3. For a smoother consistency, break it up every 1-2 hours and stir the mixture as it freezes. This will add air to give it a lighter, more airy texture. 









Maui Team


From left to right: Wendell, Kenny, Lindsay, Michele, Vic, Jode, Randy and Kevin

Our Maui branch recently underwent a major facelift in February of 2016, and finally moved into its new permanent location at 864 Alua Street, Wailuku, Hi 96793.

The new location has over 13,000 SF of warehouse and showroom space to help supply Maui with all restaurant equipment and supply needs. We have a very knowledgeable in-store staff and 4 territory sales staff that have over 50 years combined sales experience. Come in and say, aloha!


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