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Freshy’s Local Market to Open on Mercer Island


Bryce Caldwell, Owner, and Operator of Freshy’s Seafood Market on Mercer Island is set to open a new supermarket in February called Freshy’s Local Market. 

A Fresh Concept 

Aiming for almost all locally stocked produce, meat, dairy and other goods, Freshy’s Local Market will provide local sellers a chance to get their products on the shelves and consumers a chance to support their community. It’s rare to find a supermarket that sells almost all local products so Freshy’s will be a welcome addition to King County. 

In the summer, Freshy’s will offer 100 percent locally sourced produce and 75 percent locally sourced goods during fall, winter and spring. 

Caldwell has already had great success with Freshy’s Seafood Market so we can’t wait to see where he goes from here!

For more information, check out the full article in the Seattle Times.


Photo courtesy of Freshy’s Seafood Market Facebook page.

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