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Matfer’s Simple Steps for Seasoning Steel Pans


If you want your steel pan to have an excellent non-stick surface and prolonged life, consider seasoning. All you need is vegetable oil, a cloth rag, and a little bit of time. Your pans will last longer, cook more evenly, and clean more efficiently. Matfer demonstrated the five basic steps during our latest Sales Workshop. Follow the steps below to easily season your steel pan and be sure to check out the tips and tricks section!


We used Matfer’s incredibly strong and induction ready Black Steel Round Frying Pan during the seasoning process. 


1. Wash the pan with soap and water to remove any packing oils applied to the surface. 


2. Apply vegetable oil to the cloth rag or towel and evenly coat the interior of the pan. 


3. Place on stove top and continue to rotate for continual heat so that the oil is evenly distributed. 


4. Remove from the stove and cool to room temperature. 


5. Once cooled, apply more vegetable oil and heat until smoking.



Repeat these five steps about fifteen times or until the pan is evenly blackened. Once finished, the steel pan should resemble cast-iron.

Tips and Tricks 


  • To avoid uneven coating of the pan, make sure that the oil is spread evenly across the interior of the pan, do not let it pool.
  • For an entirely non-stick surface, the entire pan may be coated with vegetable oil – interior and exterior . 
  • Expedite the process by placing the oiled pan into a deep fryer (this is also good if you want to season the interior and exterior of the pan). 



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