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Culinary Presentation 101 with Chef Nick: Three Creative Presentations

Behind the quality of the food, culinary presentation is perhaps the most important aspect of restaurant service. Not only does the presentation let customers know the value of your establishment, but studies have found that an artistic presentation actually makes food taste better. Thus, a chef with a good eye for culinary design has an advantage over those who don’t.

Chef Nick, Bargreen Ellingson’s corporate chef, is undeniably one of those chefs. As he put it, “We taste with our eyes as well as with our tongues. A delicious dish that doesn’t look appetizing loses a very important aspect of culinary enjoyment.”

Chef Nick showed off his talent for culinary presentation last week as he cooked a variety of delicious meals in the Bargreen Test Kitchen. Here are the three beautiful displays he put together. In case these get your imagination flowing, we’ve included the names of the products he used for each display throughout this post.

Entrée Presentations with Unique Matching China

Geode Steak


Depicted above is a beautiful display of a grilled New York strip with herb butter and a balsamic glaze (pictured below), a side of mashed potatoes, and three unique salts. These items are all served in various pieces from Chef & Sommelier’s Geode collection.

Steak presentation is generally pretty routine and simple, but Chef Nick’s take freshens up the dish completely. By using matching china of different shapes and sizes and putting them into an interlocking arrangement, Chef Nick increases the perceived connectedness between the different food items.

The result is a fun experience where the diner is presented with a bunch of fun options that all appear to perfectly accommodate each other. With this dish, the diner can mix and match the various toppings of the steak, or simply put them all on at once.

Geode Balsalmic


French Press Infusions

French Press Cocktail


The french press is known for making delicious coffee, but it can just as well be used for steeping and extracting flavors to be infused with a variety of beverages. Pictured above, Chef Nick used a Service Ideas SFP1000 Spiral French Press to infuse flavors from cinnamon apple crisps and lemons into apple cider, creating a deliciously flavorful cider drink. This method is great for cocktails, and can be used to extract a variety of flavors for a more controlled, layered result.

As far as presentation goes, serving the drink in the french press mid-steep and allowing the diner to press it themselves is a cool and modern idea that will likely impress customers. Not only will the drink look delicious in a nice press with fruits inside, but the diner has the ability to control the infusion themselves to get the strength and flavor they want.


Edible Martini Glass Displays

Martini Glasses add a bit of beauty and class to just about anything, and there’s no reason they shouldn’t be utilized for food. On the left is a savory shrimp display that can just as easily make for half a shrimp cocktail as it can a small snack or appetizer. On the right is delicious dessert made with flowerless chocolate cake, whipped cream, cherries and caramel. Both of these are resting in a Chef & Sommelier L5641 Dequence Cocktail Glass.

Martini glasses exude a feeling of class and excitement that traditional china is simply too common to match. Serving food in a martini glass will enhance the perceived value of both the food and the establishment itself.

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